Facebook Ad: Is it worth it?

Facebook Ad Notification

“Page admins boosted posts similar to your Page’s post and reached more people…” Sounds familiar? Well, although not convinced at 100% to use Facebook advertising tools, and not being a professional digital advertiser, I tried it to boost a post to sell a product against hair loss. I did my homework first searching the real need of this product in the Internet jungle and discovered that it is out of stock in many countries, but still of interest by many people around the world. I wrote down those countries and put them on the Targeting Location plus some other countries, a broad age range, both men and women, relevant interests, at a low budget of SEK 100 (ca. USD 12) for a week. Picture, text, hashtags, here we go!

I didn’t really expect to sell my product in only one week. Let’s say it was an experiment to see if Facebook Ad is worth money when it comes to sell, and not to only get attention. I monitored my Ad closely every day, I set South Africa, Australia, India, US, Germany, Finland as locations first. I started receiving many likes from the really first hours, but only from one location: South Africa. The third day I deleted South Africa and put India as first location. I continued to receive many likes, but almost zero of them came from Australia or Germany or Finland, even if I knew that such a product is in demand in those countries. The latest days of advertising I deleted also India and put only Finland and Australia as locations. The number of likes went dramatically down. I began to doubt seriously that all those likes came from fake users or users paid to click Like on sponsored contents, as I read on blogs and articles on the Internet. Now, have a look at my results:

Facebook Ad - Countries

Overall results of my ad


Facebook Ad - Organic and Paid

Difference between organic and paid reach


My conclusion is that Facebook Ad can be a good way of attracting attention from people to let them discover your brand or your new business page, or if you need likes to win a photography competition, but it’s not the best tool if you want to sell products, even if you know that a target audience is genuinely interested in your company/products. Yes, I know that my audience was too broad, in fact I suggest you to put only one location at a time and see if it works, otherwise change it until you find the most interested country for your page/business, that is the one that give you organic likes.

UPDATE January 2018: After 8 years as FB user, I decided to delete entirely my account and my pages. I don’t feel that I particularly fit in this digital “social” sphere and I still appreciate the personal contact, true voices, visible facial expression, gesturality and body language a lot more. But I still use Whatsapp, phone and email, that’s it.