Since my childhood I’ve always liked to travel, that is the reason why I have learned so many languages: French already from the first grade (6 years) to university, English from middle school to university and during my master, German and Spanish at the university, and I also followed a course in basic Chinese in 2012.
Meanwhile I have often traveled to various cities in France and Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Austria; over the past five years I have visited the central and southern Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Thanks to my stays in Uppsala and Örebro I have the opportunity to practice the Swedish language and I completed courses in Swedish for Graduates (level D), Business Economics (in Swedish), and Swedish as Second Language 1 (SVA1).

I started to work as a waitress and cook assistant in a pub in 2005, and as a private tutor for children of secondary and high school in order to pay for my travels and university fees. From 2007 to 2010 I worked as a sale assistant for two opticians companies. Since 2010, while I was studying for my master in specialized translation, I began to work as a translator specialized in mechanical engineering, environment, information technology, medicine and constructions.

I’m a curious person, with which people can talk about everything, from the economy to personal matters. I face the most complicated situations with pragmatism and logic, I love order and cleanliness.
I like art and photography, in fact from 2011 I’ve been posting photographs of my travels on a blog and in 2013 I also exhibited some of my artworks in two art galleries, in Rome and Bologna.
In my spare time I like to take long walks, run and swim. I also play pool/pocket billiards.


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